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Parks und Gärten - Tourismus Fulda

Fulda’s green oases Parks & gardens

Pure relaxation While away the hours, daydream and enjoy

Schlossgarten - Tourismus Fulda

The Residence Gardens

The Residence Gardens lie in the heart of Fulda. They date back to the early 18th century and are equally popular with locals and visitors. The baroque gardens are situated between the Residence and the Orangerie and are an ideal place to relax during your days in Fulda.

Take a break in the Residence Gardens

Naherholungsgebiet Fulda-Aue - Tourismus Fulda

Fulda’s meadows (Fulda Aue)

Fulda’s meadows are a recreational area located just a few minutes' walk from the centre of town. Here you can let off some steam while cycling, skating or on the “get fit” trail. Or simply make yourself comfortable on a park bench and enjoy your afternoon.

To the local recreation area

Dahliengarten - Tourismus Fulda

The Dahlia Garden

Dahlias as far as the eye can see! Over 30 different varieties await you here in late summer. The Dahlia Garden is located in the heart of the old town – directly opposite Domplatz (Cathedral Square). 

Discover the floral oasis

Domdechaneingarten - Tourismus Fulda

The Cathedral Deanery Garden

This garden is teeming with roses, or more precisely, historical rose varieties. The entrance to the Cathedral Museum is also located here in the Cathedral Deanery Garden.

Admire the roses

Klostergarten Abtei St. Maria - Tourismus Fulda

The convent garden of St Mary’s Abbey

This kitchen garden, which belongs to the Benedictine St Mary’s Abbey, is located in the heart of the town and is almost hidden away. Tip: The view from the terrace in the abbey shop is highly recommended.

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Klostergarten Kloster Frauenberg - Tourismus Fulda

The Frauenberg Monastery Garden

This garden dates back to the baroque period and has served the congregation as a kitchen and flower garden for many years, but it is also a place of calm and prayer. 

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Park Schloss Fasanerie - Tourismus Fulda

Schloss Fasanerie Gardens

The landscaped gardens at Schloss Fasanerie make you feel like you are in a fairy tale: with its artistically designed lakes, well-tended flowerbeds and woodland paths, this park invites you to dream.

To the fairytale park

Park Propstei Johannesberg - Tourismus Fulda

Johannesberg Priory gardens

Symbolic sculptures, sundials, fountains, an obelisk and vases adorn these idyllic gardens – a perfect place for a picnic. If you are interested in history, you can join a guided tour of the priory or you can explore the complex on your own.

To the priory gardens

Umweltzentrum - Tourismus Fulda

Environment Centre (Umweltzentrum)

Sustainable garden culture is the focus here. Discover the apple orchard and the farmer's and apothecary gardens in front of the Environment Centre. The apple orchard occasionally serves as a stage for cultural events in the summer months.

Experience sustainability up close

Heimattiergarten - Tourismus Fulda


The focus of the newly designed Fulda WirGarten (formerly known as the “Heimattiergarten” or domestic animal garden) is on encounters between humans and animals. There are plenty of play areas for families with children right next to the WirGarten. 

Where humans and animals are treated as equals