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Stadtführungen - Tourismus Fulda

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Discover the many faces of Fulda on one of our diverse city tours. Click on “Book tickets” to select your preferred date and book the city tour online – it is quick and easy.

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1-Stündiger Stadtrundgang - Tourismus Fulda

60 minutes | Daily 11.30am & 3pm | from €9.00 1-hour city walking tour

A journey of discovery through the Middle Ages: Discover the enchanting history and splendour of our city – join us on this entertaining tour through Fulda’s baroque district and old town.

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2-Stündige Führung - Tourismus Fulda

120 minutes | Fri - Sun, 2pm | from €16.00 2-hour guided tour

This tour takes you through the old town with its medieval timber-framed houses, then onto the Residence’s Historical Rooms, before leading you to the Cathedral – Fulda’s most famous landmark and the most important baroque church in all of Hesse.

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Schlossführung - Tourismus Fulda

45 minutes | Tue - Thu, Sat, Sun 10.30am & 2pm, Fri 2pm | from €9.00 Residence tour

Immerse yourself in the world of absolutism: marvel at the Historical Rooms in the former residence of Fulda’s prince-abbots. The porcelain collections from Fulda and Thuringia are especially worth seeing.

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Domführung - Tourismus Fulda

45 minutes | Mon & Fri 10.30am | from €9.00 Cathedral tour

A visit to Fulda’s most famous building is a must. And yes, it is masterfully impressive – the Cathedral of St Salvator in Fulda. It is home to the Boniface crypt, which you will see during the Cathedral tour.

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Interaktive Stadtführung - Tourismus Fulda

Your own private tour – in your own time Interactive city tour with the app

With the interactive city tour from doyo – which stands for discover on your own – you can discover Fulda at your own pace. Choose between different themed tours, all leading you to the most interesting places in Fulda.

Discover Fulda via the app

Fromm, Fröhlich, Franz - Tourismus Fulda

60 minutes | Fri 3.30pm | from €12.00 Religion, Revelry and... Franz

This tour, led by an actor in full costume, takes you through Fulda’s baroque district and transports you back to 1730. Strange times indeed. And you will hear even more bizarre stories – either from the craftsman Franz or, if he doesn't have time, from Eleonore. Two very interesting personalities!

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Fuldaer Abendzauber - Tourismus Fulda

90 minutes | Sat 5pm | from €12.00 Fulda magical evening tour

An enchanting evening tour through Fulda’s baroque quarter, including the Residence, Cathedral, Residence gardens and the Adelspalais. Enjoy the sights, the calm and the magical atmosphere at this time of day.

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Blick hinter die Kulissen von „Bonifatius – Das Musical“ - Tourismus Fulda

60 minutes | 22nd – 31st August 2024 | from €9.00 A look behind the scenes tour

Let us take you on an exciting journey around the event grounds, including a look behind the scenes of “Boniface – The Musical”.

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Mehr Stadtführungen entdecken - Tourismus Fulda

Would you like even more choice?

If you want an even greater selection of tours, we recommend taking a look at tours on offer from our local partners. No matter which city tour you choose: each one will reveal a unique piece of lovable Fulda.

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