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Netiquette For our social media pages

These basic rules are intended to help ensure friendly and open communication on the City of Fulda’s social media channels. By using the service, you agree to the official rules and stipulations provided as part of this Netiquette page.

Netiquette - Tourismus Fulda

Respectful interactions

All users have the opportunity to express their views freely and publicly, as long as they are formulated in an appropriate and correct manner. Please respect the fact that other people may have a different opinion, even If you disagree. We ask that discussions remain polite and respectful at all times.

Please note, that the content contained across the City of Fulda’s social media channels does not reflect the opinion of the operators. We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the content. This also applies to third-party content, such as linked sites.

Prohibited content

Users are not permitted to portray other users and/or their statements as inferior through their own statements. Insults are not permitted. In addition, racist, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, insulting, disparaging, misleading and/or illegal content, comments and links to pages with such content have no place on the City of Fulda’s social media channels. These will be deleted without exception.

We also reserve the right to delete comments without prior notice if they:

  • invoke political activity of any direction or represent defamatory political attacks
  • include election or party advertising
  • contain links to forums or blog posts, private correspondence and private data (addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers) or infringe the rights of third parties
  • are promotional in nature
  • appeal for donations or market goods or services
  • do not address the topic of the respective post or contain links unrelated to the original post

Anyone who writes a post or comment of this nature, and anyone who disrupts our social media channels through spam or knowingly spreading false reports and falsehoods will be excluded.

The deletion of comments is non-negotiable. Everyone is responsible for the content that they publish. The City of Fulda assumes no liability for this. We reserve the right to edit and amend this Netiquette at any time. Messages for the City of Fulda, news about city institutions and questions about municipal services are not processed via our social media channels. In these cases, please contact the Bürgerbüro (citizen’s office) in Fulda:

Fulda, 7th June 2023