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Altstadt - Tourismus Fulda

Mysterious paths through the Old town

Discover something surprising Winding, enchanting and tucked away

Old towns often have something magical about them. And Fulda is no different. A winding alleyway here, an old timber-framed house there, old shop signs and other references to bygone times – these and other enchanting places all exude a certain magic.

Serverieberg - Tourismus Fulda


The medieval charm is particularly noticeable here on the Severiberg.

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Hexenturm - Tourismus Fulda

The Hexenturm

The Hexenturm, or Witches’ Tower – a 14-metre-tall round tower – is the best-preserved defensive tower of the medieval town fortifications.

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Altes Rathaus - Tourismus Fulda

Altes Rathaus (old town hall)

This building lives up to its name: the core of the building dates back to pre-1500!

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Unterm Heilig Kreuz- Tourismus Fulda

Unterm Heilig Kreuz square

This square used to be the centre of the medieval town.

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Stadtmauer - Tourismus Fulda

City walls

The city walls still crown Fulda’s coat of arms to this day. Their remains tell a centuries-old story.

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